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REthink! RElocalise!   DEcarbonise!

AILfeddwl! AIL-leoli!   DADgarboneiddio!

Dydd Sadwrn 17eg Hydref 2015

Yng Ngwesty’r Metropole, Llandrindod

Saturday 17th October 2015

at The Metropole Hotel Llandrindod Wells

10:45am – 3:30pm (doors open at 10:00am)

(drysau’n agor am 10:00am)

Cyhoeddwyd ar 8 Awst, 2015


Conference fee includes lunch & refreshments: £10 waged, £5 unwaged  (plus booking fee **), see also Bursaries below*

Ffi’r gynhadledd yn cynnwys cinio a lluniaeth: £10 i bobl gyflogedig, £5 i bobl heb gyflog  (a ffi archebu lle  **), gweler hefyd manylion Bwrsariaethau isod*

Advance booking essential   Mae’n hanfodol archebu lle ymlaen llaw

Book here

The conference hosts:  Trefnwyr y Gynhadledd:


The Powys Transition & Low Carbon Communities network (PTLCC) and the REconomy Project are both part of the Transition Network, a global grassroots movement of communities seeking to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality.

What the conference is about:


More and more people are recognising that we need to move away from the ‘business as usual’ economic model based on perpetual growth in consumption and towards something that helps build resilience rather than destroy it.

This conference will focus on the exciting possibility of local communities transforming the economic destiny of rural mid Wales and offering opportunity and hope despite the challenges.

We will consider the ways in which rural communities can create new sustainable livelihoods and enterprises and exert real influence on their local economic systems, as we look at systems of trade and exchange that are more sustainable, equitable and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost.

How do we make the local economy more vibrant?

What are the ways we can ensure sustainable livelihoods?

Where are the examples of doing business and community differently?

How can we continue to learn and support each other locally and regionally around jobs, services, education and training?

Who should attend:

The conference is aimed at everyone interested in learning more about sustainable rural economies whether from personal, community, business, local government, or academic point of view.

Attendees can expect to take home inspiration for their own next steps as well as ways to bring about strategic change in rural economies and support the development of sustainable communities and livelihoods.


There will be plenary speakers in the morning and a choice of workshops/case study sessions in the afternoon. Full details of the programme to be published in due course.

Topics include:

  • New ways of looking at money: Positive Money and Green Economics

  • REconomy and local economic change, 20 Key Enterprises & the Transition Enterprise Handbook

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars and a circular economy model of private transport provision

  • The potential role of the railway in rural economies

  • Social Enterprises and Cooperatives

  • One Planet Housing and Community Land Trusts

  • Community Renewable Energy Cooperatives

Speakers/Presenters include:

  • Mike Membery, Powys Transition & Low Carbon Communities network

  • Anna Lodge & Fiona Ward, REconomy Project, Transition Network

  • David Edwards, Heart of Wales Line Forum

  • Andrew Fryer, Llangattock Green Valleys

  • Martin Goulder, Calon Cymru

  • Hugo Spowers, River Simple

  • Nicholas Wilson, Wales Cooperatives Centre

  • Mick Brown, Robert Owen Community Bank

  • Tao Wimbush, Lammas ecovillage project

*Bursary places available

A small number of free places are available for Powys residents in need. Please contact Sally (admin@powystransition.org.uk) to apply.

**(Booking fee £1.25 waged, £0.96 unwaged.  Eventbrite applies a percentage based booking fee to all money transactions. However it provides a free service to all free events, and this includes a wide range of socially useful events.  So, part of your booking fee is supporting this service)

The event is generously supported by:

PAVO –  One Powys Connecting Voices

Friends Provident Foundation via REconomy Project

Renew Wales

The Hotel Metropole



















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