Powys Transition Winter School 2015-16

Prospectus 2015/2016

 Permaculture for Transition (2 days)

Date: Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th March 2016

Trainers: Marina O’Connell & Ros Bedlow, Transition Network

Marina O’Connell
Ros Bedlow

Have you ever wondered what Permaculture has to do with Transition? This weekend should help to define that relationship and how to use permaculture in your transition work. This weekend will be both practical, taking the design principles of permaculture and helping you to see how to apply those to projects and enterprises, as well as taking a look at the theory of permaculture.

Permaculture is a creative, ethical approach for designing any process so that it flows with rather than against nature. Traditionally applied to land-based projects, modern permaculture embraces all the community driven projects undertaken by the Transition Towns movement. By designing our actions to encompass the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares, we can make our work in Transition more effective and harvest a greater yield of energy and participation from our communities.

This course covers

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Applying the Permaculture Principles and Ethics to Transition.
  • Using Permaculture “Zones” and “Sectors”.
  • Inner Transition and Permaculture “Zone 00”.
  • Permaculture Design Tools applied to Community Projects.
  • Practical Design project: design your own event or social enterprise.
  • How to Improve communication
  • People Care in your local Initiative


Real World Economics (2 days)  (This course has already taken place)

Date: Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th February 2016

Trainer: Inez Aponte, Transition Network


 It’s the end of ‘business as usual’. The time has come to weave together a new social reality in alignment with our values, and to create an economic system that benefits us all – a system that breaks through the false dilemma of austerity and consumption.

This course is one of the products of the Well & Good Project and is designed for community activists and organisers, policy makers, development workers, advocates for the ‘new economy’ and anyone interested in sparking community-led change.

We explore a new approach to creating local economic change based on real life needs, increasing wellbeing, and taking effective action led by community groups.

The course includes practical tools to engage your community, thought provoking presentations, group discussions and fun interactive exercises that will equip you to be an effective change-maker in your community



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