What Shall We Eat? considering carbon, welfare and wellness.

Here is a report of one experience of the day from Transition Tywi ,  Watch this space for videos…


Dyma adroddiad o un o’r profiadau yn ystod y diwrnod gan Trawsnewid Tywi ,  Gwyliwch allan am fideos…


Powys Transition Towns and Low Carbon Communities network (PTLCC) invite you to our 2016 conference, on the subject of food, in all its glory. How can we ensure that our diet nourishes us, our communities, our land, our fellow creatures and our planet?

Our keynote speaker is Patrick Holden CBE of the Sustainable Food Trust, and past Director of The Soil Association (1995-2010)  We also welcome Mark Williams,(local farmer and columnist); Emma Maxwell (Cultivate – community gardening); Pamela Mason (Nutrition author and researcher),  Helen Porter, (Animal welfare), Annie Levy and Jane Powell (Food values and social change); Alan Fay (on flexitarianism)

The conference will aim to consider the broadest possible view of Food. There are very few things more fundamental to our well being than food. And the way that we grow and relate to our food affects all our other well being needs – it impacts on the quality of our environment and our relationship with it, on our communities and families, and on our livelihoods.
Celebrating the power of the earth to nourish and delight us, we’ll look at many important matters relating to food production, distribution and consumption.
This will be an exciting day of speakers, workshops, networking opportunities and much more. Come along and join the discussion!

There will be a full day of talks, workshops, displays, networking and a panel discussion to conclude.

The ticket price (£10 waged, £5 unwaged, bursaries available) includes lunch and refreshments, but not the non-refundable booking fee.

Book early to avoid disappointment and for an enjoyable and thought provoking day.

For more information contact Sally Owen – admin@powystransition.org.uk

and to book –Book Here


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